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Re: Brake Lines

  Al et al.:
  My setup is similar to what Al described, except that I used a combination
of Adel (MS21919) clamps and nylon cable ties, alternating every  6" or so
starting with a clamp at the pivot area. I figure this will permit easy
inspection and replacement. I used a 45 deg fitting at the brake (Cleveland)
so the hose angles toward the rear of the leg at first  then curves forward
and along the lower front of the gear leg. There's a photo and description
in VV13, p.13. The two studs aligned vertically are for the gear door. It
might have been better to go along the rear of the leg but that was taken up
by the wire tube for my (secret) taxi lights.   -Bill
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From: Al Gietzen <alventures@email.msn.com>
To: reflector <reflector@awpi.com>
Date: Friday, May 15, 1998 10:15 PM
Subject: Brake Lines

>Bill, Larry, et. al.;
>Actually I used 3/16" 5052 from the cylinders, down the pilot side duct,
>exit just aft of the keel flange, across and then back to the gear bulkhead
>on each side just outside the bulkhead reinforcement gussets.  I used right
>angle feedthroughs which then angle upward and outward to give a bit of a
>flex loop in the teflon/braided stainless (aeroflex) which goes from there
>on down the leg.  Glass (microslurry) it to the leg starting right adjacent
>to the pivot, from which point it gets glassed to the leg just like the
>nylaflow and goes down to the caliper.
>I encased the braided stainless in shrink wrap around the bend in the leg
>where most of the flex is, since imbedding in micro may limit flexability.
>Haven't used my brakes yet, but the installation worked out fine.
>No need to use anything larger than 3/16" since we are transferring
>pressure; not flow.
>Enjoy your weekend. I'll see some of you at Velocity West's open house.
>Al Gietzen  RGE