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Excess brake travel.


I had a technical advisor look at my airplane recently and he had a suggestion regarding brakes.  He has built a Long EZ and had a problem with "spongy" brakes and excessive pedal travel.  He solved this problem by replacing the Nyflo tubing with aluminum.  He pointed out that the master cylinders supply high pressure but not much volume.  Nyflo tubing is just springy enough to expand a tiny amount in diameter and when spread over many feet of length it amounts to a significant increase in volume. He claims that the improvement in stopping and feel was unbelievable.  I have an RG so I intend to replace the Nyflo from the master cylinder back as far as the firewall.

Since I haven't made the change yet, I can't give this idea my full endorsement.  The fact that my brakes currently have a soft feel and what he said sounds logical, I intend to make the change.