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I received my Franklin engine through New Aviation (Brian Michalk) 
two days ago and now have it mounted on my Velocity FG 173.  So far 
all is great!  The engine arrived in excellent condition with a 
complete set of manuels and on schedule.  Mounting went well and I 
observed no door problems from fuselage distortion. I hope to set up 
the engine with fuel injection, one mag and electronic ignition.  I 
also plan to construct a counter-flow heat exchanger in the hot oil 
line (to the cooler) by centering it in a 1" aluminum tube ducted to 
outside air. I cxpect this to be simple but more on that later.

I will appreciate comments on fuel injection and electronic ignition 
on a Franklin.

Al Lundeen
173 fg; 70% complete, 80% to go!