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Re: Aileron Hinge Attachment

  I had good results with the method in the manual. I had to build up ailerons and they ended up thinner than the wing cutout so you might need to vary this technique slightly: like Travis I used hotmelt to attach foam rubber to the backs of the hinges. I also had shims (popsicle sticks would probably work) hotmelted to the underside of the wing cutout so that the aileron was supported at the correct level. Shims at each end to center it. The idea was to be able to shove the aileron in place quickly and accurately before the 5-minute set up. Don't sand the fiberglass or the hinge back at this point. I just used a few dabs for each hinge and if one didn't set right it was easy to pry it free with a chisel. The epoxy could then be chipped right off the glass without damage.  -Bill