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Re: Nav lights

  When running wires one thing that worked for me was to use some nylon string. I taped it to a stiff wire for the first run through the duct then tied it around subsequent wires to pull them through. I used a clove hitch with some duct tape over it to help bind it and to taper the end of the wire(s). At the same time I would pull another length of string through so I could pull new wires from the other direction. I have tied a string in each duct so that I'll be able to run wires in the future if need be.
  I apologize for the latest brouhaha. That was a supposedly private conversation. I know it's unreasonable to expect perfection in anything- look at the "new" Cessnas and their new AD's. Experience reveals weaknesses which need improvement. I don't think the Velocity is inherently dangerous otherwise I'd have stopped building years ago and worked on something else. I have found nothing that I couldn't change to my own satisfaction. I do feel I have to be on guard though. I think we have all seen how seemingly minor details can be disasterous.
  If something I have proposed is of dubious value then criticism and discussion such as we have had can allow others to make up their own minds. I will try not to be too vehement (alarmist? inflammatory?) in the future.  -Bill