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Re: Nav Lights

rdugas@bayou.com wrote:

> How do I attach the Nav Lights to the wing recess?  Epoxy, screws(nuts
> inside or outside)


First put a cardboard box under your wingtip so if you drop a lens it will
not land on the concrete.  Now remove the lenses from the nav/strobe and
put the base into the socket.  You will see three screw holes, two in the
middle and one in the tail.  Drill small holes and mount with stainless
sheet metal screws gently.   Now put the lenses and cover back on.  Once
you have painted the airplane then you can mount them with some silicon
also to prevent rain water from getting to the connectors
Other tips:
We use a small plumbers snake to pull wires through conduit.  Some times
it won't push through about in the middle because it runs into the nav
coax so give it a twist and gently pull and push it around this
In cutting the hole for the strobe be careful not to push the hole saw in
and up into the com coax coming down the leading edge of the winglet.
You may want to remove more blue foam back in the wing tip to have plenty
of room for the connectors.  Don't hard wire your lights because you may
need to work on or replace them.
I like to put the strobe capacitor box in the end of one strake and the
transponder antenna hanging out the bottom of the other.  If the strobe
capacitor is placed on the inside of the firewall, in the center of the
airplane then you have 400 volt connectors next to your fuel system.
Whelen says that's "OK" but not me.
I like to have all my antenna and wire connectors at the end of the
strakes so when you are taking wings on and off you don't have to fish the
wires anywhere.  Just because these are homebuilts doesn't mean we can't
make them easy to service.
Also there are two different ways the stobes work depending on which plug
you use on the box.  Use the one that says 28 joules alternating and you
can be seen 4 times as far away as the one that says 14 joules