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Re: Whelan cables?

dmp@TmedBSD.MCG.EDU wrote:
> Well, I've got my tip strobes and I just picked up a used power
> pack, so now I need the wiring. Trouble is, there's no way I'm going
> to pay what Whelan wants for the wiring kit.
> Can someone out there take a look at their strobe wires and get me
> the manufacturer and part number? Martin said it was Belden wire and
> the part number should be printed on the cable. (I did a quick look
> around the repair hanger where my Cessna is and seems everyone has
> the power packs out in the tips with the strobes. Grumble. Grumble.)
> Thanks,
> David Parrish

The cable has   MW13860   printed on it about every 3". I may have
enough left over for you if your interested. I'll measure it when I
get home. Let me know if you're interested.

Carl Hoffman