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Pitch trim Spring


It may be a possibility that your trim spring is still too stiff. I know
in the XL, at neutral trim I can move the grip fully forward and aft with
a relatively firm grip without over- stressing the layups in the

I am not suggesting that you shave the width on the backside of the
'question mark' down to the width of a pencil, but if it is any greater
than 1" - 1 1/4" it may be too stiff yet.
Just make sure you can, at neutral trim, control stop to stop without
having to put a "death grip" on the stick.

While yours may not be the case, the biggest problem I am aware of with
the pitch trim is the positioning of the trim spring vs. a fully extended
 trim motor. Fully extend your trim motor to the full "trim down"
position and see if you can manually bring the elevator back and past
neutral with the stick. If you can't, check one of two things.

1)	Is the actuator arm mechanically stopping the elevator from
going past neutral?
2)	Is the trim spring too stiff to prevent a hyperflexing of the
spring itself, preventing the elevator from going past neutral?

Yes to either of these questions may prove to be a large multipying
factor in what I call the O S department.

I know of one aircraft that with every thing hooked up you could only get
about 1/2" movement in the stick at any trim setting...the "back" of the
trim spring had not been trimmed at all!

All, if you have installed your pitch trim assembly, go check it. For
those who have not installed the pitch trim assembly yet, keep this
condition in the back of your minds when you go to install it.

In the event of a runaway or malfunctioning trim in the down position,
make sure you can bring the aircraft at least back to straight and level.

Safe and Speedy Construction


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