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Re: Aileron Trim


>  While I think the "inexpensive" copier motor & string used for aileron trim
> could stand room for improvement, it sounds like you very rarely have to apply
> any roll trim therefore it's not really an issue.

My concern has little to do with the copier motor. The <problem> I wanted to
eliminate was the tendency of the aileron trim setting to change after hard
input from the stick. This is caused by the string slipping on the motor. I
don't have anything at all against copier motors or strings, but I do want my
trim to stay put until I change it.

As I mentioned earlier, I may have gone to a lot of work for nothing if inflight
aileron trim is not needed anyway. Since my primary concern was slippage, it
would be Very Simple to build aileron trim with no motor at all and make trim
ground adjustable only.

Anyone else have practical experience on how often the aileron trim is used?

Dave Black
SW RG Unidoor