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Re: Rudder cables

> From:          "Venky's Velocity Hangar" <velocity@CC1005790-A.vron1.nj.home.com>

> On the other hand, it is impossible for an average builder to NOT wish 
> for things that can be improved. As consumers, we all vary. Some put 
> up with it, some write suggestions, some bitch about it and some 

Amen. I suspect you (in the generic sense) could find lots of things you'd
not like about the next multi-mil biz-jet you buy too. But 
concidering how small a group designed and makes the Velocity, it has 
very few flaws. (And what I concider a flaw might be someone else's 

What I don't want to see is a venting of spleen. If you want to say 
'The Velocity is a piece of S**T!', then tell your wife or your beer 
buddies. If you want to say 'I'm worried about X. Any opinions or 
fixes?', then go right ahead. There are a lot of smart people here 
that could come up with a fix or just tell you why X isn't really a 

Personally, if I had something like, say,  a nose gear collapse, the first 
thing I'd think is what did *I* do wrong and then start asking around 
for opinions on why it failed.

David Parrish