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Re: Rudder

rdugas@bayou.com wrote:

> The (Wing Co) instructions recommemd a pan head screw for the internal
> bellcrank
> attachment. was considering bolt that could be safety wired and
> comfirmed by feel.  Do I just cut a hole in the bottom of the rudder for
> installation of the screw or bolt or is there a better way?

We drill two 1/2" holes in the bottom of the rudder and put the screws in
with lock tight.   My Standard Aviation Maintaince Handbook is very clear
that all bolts are to be facing down or back.   I'm breaking that rule with
my removable rudder horn installation.  If you leave the bottom of the
rudder open nobody will see it, it will not slow your plane down and you can
wire the horns on with bolts the way it should be.

> I was also
> considering three bolts not two.

There isn't room.

> I may also attach my hinges with three
> bolts on the rudder and ailerons.  It seems like good insurance on the
> control surfaces.
> Comments?

Don't over do it....thats why we have three hinges.If you want to do it
better use nut plates on your aileron and rudder hinges.  I wouldn't do it
any other way.

> The numerous comments on the control cable have suggested to me that a
> 1/2" segment of the wire could be soldered makeing the point of stress
> palpable and visable away from the nicopress making it part of you
> pre-flight to feel the cable.
> Comments?

Just don't over or under crimp your nico sleeves they are fine.  Besides in
the rare event that you might need to land without rudders, its really not
hard, just sloppy.