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Dear Alan,
Thanks for the info on the ailerons.  I am on the reflctor but did not
get that message.  I am storing the messages by catagory for future
reference.  I appreciate the news about my windshield.
I am just learning how to use this E-Mail on Netscape so bear with me.

The instructions recommemd a pan head screw for the internal bellcrank
attachment. was considering bolt that could be safety wired and
comfirmed by feel.  Do I just cut a hole in the bottom of the rudder for
installation of the screw or bolt or is there a better way?  I was also
considering three bolts not two.  I may also attach my hinges with three
bolts on the rudder and ailerons.  It seems like good insurance on the
control surfaces.


The numerous comments on the control cable have suggested to me that a
1/2" segment of the wire could be soldered makeing the point of stress
palpable and visable away from the nicopress making it part of you
pre-flight to feel the cable.


Rene' Dugas
Doc Dugas Racing