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Re: Brake/Rudder

mhadley1@juno.com wrote:
> Jeff,
> Just curious...Do you get much sleep?

Hi Martin!

No.  Can you tell ?

Now for how to build the watch:

  I work from about noon to 1-4am, am either on a crunch schedule or
taking a week off.  Work a weird week as I work in Woodstock NY but live
in Libertyville IL... tommorrow I fly back to IL, return to NY mon nite,
begin my 12-14hr days til I go home 2nd w/e from that. 

  Doesn't allow for much plane building buts helps when making the
payments.  One day reasonably soon, I'll either be done (is software
ever done?) or back on 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.  Then I'll really get

  SNF was my last shopping spree and the 2nd to last catalyst in getting
my butt in gear: last step is finish shop set up.  Finally got my wife
to agree (well, acknowledge, kinda) to stop filling my weekends home
with honey-dew stuff and even to help me get organized in shop.   Have
to re-organize, bolt down or hang my tools & parts, make wall rack for
glass, epoxy box, and cradles.  Got my Hobby-air buddy system (any
project tourists will be put to work) and am ready to go.

  Hope to really start before I have to install an air-conditioner in
the garage: last winter I went to great lengths to clean, insulate, &
heat the garage.  I'm running out of "haven't started building excuses"
as fast as I can.  In the meantime I'm learning tons on the Reflector,
thanks to all you folks.

--Jeff Barnes