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Re: Rudder cables

I have been listening to all the talk about Rudder cables and the purposed
fixes and have been kind of " chuckeling " reading them.  I have to agree with
Martin and "Try It; You'll Like It".  As a matter of fact, now that I think of
it, my right brake engages with a little more peddle travel then the left, I
just noticed this last night while flying Instrument currency.  I don't have
Dave's RBH and wish I did, so I will adjust it next time I have the top off,
but no big deal.  The fact is I am use to it, and didn't even know it.  Ever
wonder what it's like to jump back and forth from a American helicopter to a
European one (we had to bail them out of WW II you know ;-) whose blades turn
the opposite, requiring right peddle insted of left to hover? NO BIG DEAL!!
Knowing when the brakes are ingaged is a easy thing, and will become second
nature in no time.  

As far as Dave Black going to extremes some times, isn't that what this
building experience thing is all about.  All I can say to him is " You Go Girl
".  Keep up the R & D, it is up to each of us individually if we want to use
an idea or not.  I personally believe in the KIS idea.