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Re: Birdstrikes !

Maybe a button on the panel, when pressed, shoots a helmet on your head.
Due to the that force, a face shield would come down.

Since most bird strikes, happens at low flight.  If an airport is know to
have a lot of birds near by, then a pre landing checklist of: harness tight,
speed brake down, helmet on, landing gear down, etc..... would be in order.

Seems like a cost effective solution, but it might mess up the hair.  I
wouldn't know much about that one, though.

Bob Kuc
173 FGE

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Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 3:32 AM
Subject: Birdstrikes !

>Hi Folks !  New Topic !
>  As Velocity pilot and heroic steely nerved co-pilot recently overcame
>a windshield birdstrike, and Tom Hanks HBO To The Moon special noted the
>loss of an Appollo Astronaut in a T-28 at 5000 feet to a bird, and an
>oil company commercial came on same day bragging about their bullet
>proof canopy on an F-18, I was thinking that's an awful violent
>potential intrusion on my well being, and maybe avoidable at low weight
>and cost.
>What's that stuff they sandwich between our car windshields?  Would a
>layer of that super-plastic or some such on inside of our windshield
>markedly increase odds for survival against bird strike?  Or even
>aluminum door screening: it doesn't block vision when eyes are focused
>beyond it.  I'll getter over the blood & guts: it's the plexiglass,
>goose bones, or mostly whole 5-10 pound sack at a residual 40-80kts I
>want to avoid.
>Plane might be fine but I might be blind or knocked out.
> I went to SNF with a recovering eye scratch and was thinking how hard
>it is to see out one eye when the other is closed shut in pain, and
>worse yet, how hard to see at all when both are shut (duh).  And I don't
>like wearing a patch if I don't have to.
>Any thoughts ?
>Jeff Barnes
>XL-RG N411JB  staying up too late and getting goofy