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Birdstrikes !

Hi Folks !  New Topic !
  As Velocity pilot and heroic steely nerved co-pilot recently overcame
a windshield birdstrike, and Tom Hanks HBO To The Moon special noted the
loss of an Appollo Astronaut in a T-28 at 5000 feet to a bird, and an
oil company commercial came on same day bragging about their bullet
proof canopy on an F-18, I was thinking that's an awful violent
potential intrusion on my well being, and maybe avoidable at low weight
and cost.

What's that stuff they sandwich between our car windshields?  Would a
layer of that super-plastic or some such on inside of our windshield
markedly increase odds for survival against bird strike?  Or even
aluminum door screening: it doesn't block vision when eyes are focused
beyond it.  I'll getter over the blood & guts: it's the plexiglass,
goose bones, or mostly whole 5-10 pound sack at a residual 40-80kts I
want to avoid.  

Plane might be fine but I might be blind or knocked out. 

 I went to SNF with a recovering eye scratch and was thinking how hard
it is to see out one eye when the other is closed shut in pain, and
worse yet, how hard to see at all when both are shut (duh).  And I don't
like wearing a patch if I don't have to. 

Any thoughts ?

Jeff Barnes
XL-RG N411JB  staying up too late and getting goofy