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Re: Brake/Rudder

Hi Folks

AaaahhhhhhyyyyiiiiiiI LOVE THIS PLACE !

Chuck Caldarale wrote: 
>>I think you may have a misunderstanding here.<<  [I suspected that from the onset]   >> You mustn't go to full rudder deflection until you have full braking. Otherwise, you're stretching the cable and wearing a groove in the nylaflow. (The manual isn't real clear on this.) Braking has to start at partial rudder deflection, which is what makes it so tricky.<<

Thanks for clearing that up.  I thought they didn't come to play until
rudder nearer to full extension.

Martin wrote:
>>As far as the "feel", unless your rudder cables have a lot of drag in
them, the resistance 'feel' on your foot transitioning from an
aerodynamic drag pressure to a hydro-mechanical backpressure doesn't
take all that long. <<

I think I can take that to mean I DO get to feel the brakes coming on ?

  That's all I want: my legs and subconcious muscle memory will do the
rest: they learn quick and take over from there.  Much cheaper than a
lot of gizmos I don't understand and would rather not build, less
harmful than invasive surgery on my hydraulics, less distracting than
lights I don't need to see, and hey, they're organic.  And I can always
do what Scott says: lighten up as I touch down.

 If I did install a sensor, it would be to tell me I had NO hydraulic
brake pressure, and that would be only if my system won't tell me the
same thing thru my foot, like an old Ford did a couple of times. (stomp
stomp look out !)  Of course, veering toward the edge of a runway at
50kts is a real good clue, as is taxiing in circles.  More attention
getting than one of a dozen panel lights or an audible that's
interfering with my hearing a controller clearing a commuter flight for
take-off or landing on a cross runway (Quicy IL).  The only audibles I
want to hear is gear-up or fire alarms (anybody got one of THOSE
working, and how did you flight test it?), maybe low fuel.  The lights I
need are gear-status, maybe that AOA gizmo, maybe a low oil pressure/hi
temp/low fuel idiot lite, and Martin's cool lamp test circuitry to
impress my friends and improve my resale value.
 On voice alarms, how would they go?  "Hi, this is your left brake, you
are pushing on me", or "Hey, get off me man", or maybe a little
nuerotic: "Right brake to pilot..I'm feeling a little depressed, more
depressed, no darn it, I'm really depressed" ?  Two nuerotic brakes
arguing: "I'm drepressed,"... "No I'm depressed"..."I'm more
depressed"... "Hey, I'm really depressed".
 On hydraulic pressure switches and electronics, try calibrating for
rate of change, duration of change, ambient temperature change, and pad
wear.  Makes me dizzy. 

 The conscious action I need to adopt is avoiding an adrenalin reaction
to a crosswind landing exceeding ability of me or my plane, or
overreacting to a broken rudder cable.  A good thing to keep in mind is
you'll never crash until you hit the ground: you can always go around
(provided I'm not dead-sticking it).  And to have enough reserve and
forethought to include alternates with a favorable variety of
runway/crosswind situations, right?  As for hot-landing technique on
cable failures, I'll take that as a neccessary evil, remembering that
physics says speed kills, and I've been thinking about full harness seat
belts anyway.

 Well Martin, when we get done re-designing the Velocity brake system I
think we ought to figure out a way to rig up a HUD for that Ercoupe. 
BTW: How DO you stop that thing ?  I heard it has a big levered stick
like a soap-box racer and if it fails you just put your foot out or turn
the wheel around like Steve McQueen and drive back the way you came.

Love you guys,
Jeff Barnes