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Re: Rudder cables


> By the same token, he 'fixed" our (his words left me with
> the impression "cheap") roll trim system by using a Mac servo arrangement
> as I recall. I am most interested in how much superior his roll trim setup is
> going to be over what is in and has been in Velocity aircraft for years and
> years. In the end, cost / performance comes into play. Unless I hear
> otherwise, when it comes down to bang for the buck, my guess is he will have a
> lot more buck than bang over the currently used system. I'm sure he will let
> us know
> after he starts flying.

Your point is very well taken and I agree with your comments. But I'm not sure
why you bring me into this discussion on brakes and rudders. You're the one who
came up with the fork on the rudder horn.

Like most everything else in my kit, I built the trim servo per plans the first
time out. Even though I have not flown my Velocity yet, it was obvious the
factory supplied system was going to cause trouble. The string would slip on the
motor whenever I moved the stick to an extreme aileron position. I tried various
string tension settings but could never get the string to stop slipping. Several
owners of flying Velocities have confirmed having this problem as well. So I
created a system incorporating the MAC servo. It may be overkill, but it works
perfectly every time!

I now believe there is probably an EVEN BETTER way. Eliminate the motor
altogether and make the aileron trim ground adjustable only. It'd be
lightweight, inexpensive, and can't possibly slip.

Rest assured I will report back to everyone on this and many other items after I
discover first-hand how my ideas work in practice.

Dave Black