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Re: Wiring

On Tue, 5 May 1998 08:19:40 +0000 dmp@TmedBSD.MCG.EDU writes:
>Hey, Martin?
>I'm about to buy some more MIL wire, (Rewiring the SVX harness takes 
>a LOT of wire!) and was wondering what wire sizes are most common in 
>building a Velocity and a ballpark on how much to buy.
>David Parrish


The wiring kit that Velocity sells has the following:

  33 ft.	  4 ga. wire	Battery and starter cables
  30 ft.	10 ga. wire	Alternator output  and primary
grounds, RG pump
200 ft.	18 ga. wire	+12 volt Circuits and grounds over 5
amps - less than 15
150 ft.	20 ga. wire	+12 volt circuits and grounds 5 amps or
  80 ft.	18 ga. w/ sheild	 "P" leads, Electronic ignition
+12 VDC, strobe Pwr 			Supply +12 VDC

M22759/16- X	single conductor, multi-strand wire (X = gauge wire)
M27500		shielded, single or multi-conductor, multi-strand

Hope this helps. The above footage should do your basic airframe.
Avionics and intercom systems will require more.


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