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Re: Wiring

> From:          "R. Wayne Owens" <wamowens@bellsouth.net>

> Where did you find pins for the computer connectors? I have mine running

Basically, I disassembled the connectors, clipped the wires at the 
pin and soldered the wire to the pin.

(Wait? Did I just hear Martin having a heart attack?)

With the solder joint a quarter inch or more below the rubber strain 
relief, I'm not too worried about flexing the joint, but I may do my 
my connectors again since I don't feel I got a good bond with some of 

> on a test stand here in Smyrna Ga (my neighbors love it) but was
> considering just fire sleeving the bundles aft of the firewall.

Love to see it. I'm not too far west of Augusta, GA.

If I were to do it again, I might do the same.

>  I have two ways to deal with the "vehicle speed sensor error" from the
> check engine light and a 2 component circuit to reduce the primary fuel
> pump output  until 3700 rpm if you are interested. Also I have been
> logging and downloading my engine runs to a laptop  and creating graphs
> of the runs to study cooling ect.

DEFINITELY would like to see it! You might like to see the research 
I've been doing on cooling system design. Send me a private e-mail 
and let's see if we can get together some time.

David Parrish