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Re: Strikefinder

jpv@vbe.com wrote:
> Jeff,
> I've got a Strikefinder in an Std. Elite RG that's been up for two
> years.  I consider it working "very well".  I've got a small patch of
> alternator interference at 11 o'clock on the 200 mile range, but I use
> the 100 mile range (has no interference at all) anyway when I'm near
> storms.  I could futz with filtering the alternator more, Bob Nuckolls
> suggested a coil beside the capacitor I did put on, but I'm satisfied
> with how it works now.  I did go with a Klaus Savier EI rather than the
> Jeff Rose unit because I heard that people had a lot of interference on
> Strikefinders from the Rose EI.  My antenna is inside the skin, just
> placed under my seat.  Simple and works fine.  Another trick is to use a
> relay to provide power to the strobe unit so you don't have to run the
> power lead for the strobe all the way up forward - potential source of
> interference.  If you'd like to ask any other questions you're welcome
> to call me - (920)725-4252 evenings.
> John Vukos Std Elite RG N21BV

John, Thanks for good info! I'm posting to Reflector OK.-- Jeff B XL-RG