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Lino Moya Jeannine Cde Baca wrote:
> Hello Wayne,
>  My name is Lino and my partner Gary and I are building a 173 RG Elite . We
> are also using an SVX engine, we will be test fitting our engine to the
> airframe tomorrow . We would be interested in trading ideas and questions
> with you .
> Regards
>Hello Lino,
Have you built your mount?Which psru are you using?
You might be interested in the potential vapor lock problem  I
discovered and resolved on my test stand. Fuel returning from the fuel
rail to the sump would create vapor bubbles right after the last
restriction (regulator). According to the folks at FloScan that is
normal.  My flowmeter was showing fluctuating readings and I observed
bubbles surging sporadically  up into my simulated wing tank. The
regular 1/4 inch vent line had too much surface tension to release the
benzine ect bubbles. I added a 3/4 inch vent line ,reduced  back to
regular size higher than the level of the wing tanks. Before that you
could actually see fuel rise in the vent line higher than the level of
the wing tank due to the pressure being generated by the bubbles. I also
used the computer output to modulate one of the fuel pumps. Reducing the
flow until it is required reduces the bubbling.

I was fortunate to have in our chapter  the engineer who designed the
rear engine mount on the Cessna 337 and he designed one for me stressed
+6 -3 G's,his Email address is "CC" above.
> > Sincerely Wayne