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Re: brake/rudder

>I like the idea of a microswitch, possibly pressed by the cable arm from
the rudder pedals. (It's close to the side to >make mounting easier.)

This is where I have been leaning, mainly because I don't know anything
about pressure switches, and like you said:

>I'm never fond of adding extra joints to high pressure lines. It's
another point for a possible leak.

However, I haven't figured out how to activate a switch with the rudder
pedal arm, considering the arm will have an inch or so of travel beyond
the point of activation. Not only that but the arm gets closer to the
side of the fuselage as it moves forward: another headache. That's why I
was thinking about the magnet/reed switch or a mercury switch. I don't
know enough about electronics to envision incorporating those switches,
but I suspect they might need a relay. Cams mounted on the horizontal
part of the rudder assembly near the mounting blocks could activate a
lever switch.

I understand the hesitancy to use a light for this purpose: My Cherokee
has a big red light on the panel to indicate a stall. Since I don't
always have the patience to float halfway down the runway waiting for the
full stall touch down, I don't consistently see this light on landing.
When I do, its always: "What the...? Oh yeah." I'm convinced that in my
case the light is the only thing that will get my attention when I
repeatedly push the pedals too far. Hopefully I will be able to break
that habit someday, but in the meantime...

>Why couldn't you have some sort of sleave that's attached to the rudder
horn end of the cable and slides _inside_ >the cable conduit? That would
prevent bending of the cable between the conduit and the cable end. Nylon
into nylon >should work well, but you could use teflon for the sleave.

Yes! But do we have room for all that? I was thinking of a sleeve with an
inside diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of our conduit:
                               __________________        (Conduit)
(Rudder horn and swagged ball end)
   (Conduit)           __________________                          

                               __________________ ######    
Make sense to anybody? The sleeve would have to be anchored some how, or
long enough so that if it slide back and forth, it wouldn't come off the
smaller conduits.                                                 

>or maybe a fork that fits over both sides of the rudder horn. (What are
those things called anyway?)

A fork end? How about a fork end with a long slot? This would function
like the sliding cable. Unfortunately, we would probably have to make
this ourselves, and I for one like to avoid fancy parts for fancy

Doug Hayes
Boulder CO
173 FG

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