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Re: Strike Finder follow up.

>      I received a return call today from Dan Johnson at NavRadio.  Their
> system sounds good but they won't have a product ready for sale for about 18
> months.  When fully operational their receiver will be able to show thunder
> storms with the same detail as a strike finder or storm scope.  Thanks for the
> tip Shawn, I'll follow their progress.

What is the projected cost of their system?

One thing I've been looking in to is a lightning detector
from a company called Boltek, <http://www.boltek.com>
I called them about nine months ago asking about their system.
As you may know, I'm planning on a computer in the
cockpit.  I am interested in integrating their system into 
my computer for a cheap strikefinder.

I think the cost is about $500 per system.  The only 
disappointment is that they won't release their interface
specifications.  If I can't convince them to open their
interface so I can write my own software for it, then I 
may have to reverse-engineer it.

The unit will give distance and bearing to strikes.  I'm
thinking that the engine will be a major source of noise,
so to solve that, just buy two units.  One unit in each
wing out in the strake.  It would be a simple matter
to triangulate for noise close by and filter it out.

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