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Strike Finder follow up.

     I received a return call today from Dan Johnson at NavRadio.  Their
system sounds good but they won't have a product ready for sale for about 18
months.  When fully operational their receiver will be able to show thunder
storms with the same detail as a strike finder or storm scope.  Thanks for the
tip Shawn, I'll follow their progress.
     I also talked to B. F. Goodrich about their storm scopes.  They claim
that the software that they use shows cell size more accuately than the other
strike finders.  They are now going to sell a storm scope that will display
the cells on a GPS driven moving map.  They are working with most moving map
companies.  The unit tied to the Arnav 5200 is over 10 grand.
     Thanks also to John for relating his experience with a strike finder,
that's what I plan to do.

Mel Bina     STD RG