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There has been a lot of good discussion lately on improving the rudder
cable system, and the problems associated with landing with one's feet on
the brakes. Ever since I first saw the way things are setup in the
manual, I have planned on adding a brake activation light to avoid the
latter, but haven't decided exactly how yet.

1) Magnet/reed switches on the brake push blocks or somewhere on the
rudder arms
2) Cam/lever switches somewhere on the rudder arms
3) Pressure switches in the brake lines

I like the last one the best because it seems not only to be the easiest,
but because it lets you know that you have brake pressure. However, from
what I've heard automotive brake line pressure switches close with lack
of pressure, and that would require a relay or something. If anyone knows
more about these switches, or how to mount the other types of switches, I
would like to hear from them.

As for the rudder cable situation, I have had no ideas at all and am
pleased to see that others are coming up with something. The AN111
bushings are nice because they prevent tangling, but there is still some
bend. I've heard a similar solution before, but this one has a much
better connection to the rudder horn. Along with good rudder locks, they
would probably do the trick. I read on Avweb that someone crashed a
fairly large airplane because the controls were never unlocked....hmmmm. 
And I like the sliding cable idea too, but there is the problem of wear.
Is there a fitting that can be attached to the end of the cable like a
cable stud end without threads? This would slide without substantial

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