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Re: Rudders and brakes (breaks)

mhadley1@juno.com wrote:

> When we apply pedal, the nico press (or ball) is seated against the
> clevis pin and pulls the horn in. If the rudder is moved without pedal
> input, the cable is free to slide through the hole while the pivoting
> action of the pin reduces the amount of flex the cable sees at any
> localized point.    Is it late? Or did I just have an idea?

You had an idea. And I think the concept of eliminating that bending at the
rudder horn is a very important safety item. But what about this?

Leave the rudder horns and Nicopress as they are, and attach a spring to the
cable where it exits the interior of the wing. The spring would be sized to take
up any slack in the cable. Not only would this eliminate the cable flexing at
the rudder horns without the need to open the wing or fabricate parts, it would
also assist in overcoming cable friction and allow the rudder to return to
neutral faster. This might even slightly improve rudder feel.

I was planning to put a spring there for the second reason anyway, but now
there's an even better reason. I wonder if anyone who has installed such an
inboard assist spring has ever had a rudder cable fatigue failure?

Of course, I'm up late too...

Dave Black
186 RG Unidoor