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Re: Rudders and brakes (breaks)

mhadley1@juno.com wrote:
> On Sat, 02 May 1998 11:09:11 -0400 Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net> writes:
> >Martin ,
> >
> >Were do you put the rudder lock on the those that have been cut all
> >the way to the top?
> >
> >Alan
> Good question, Alan. Maybe if we molded a flat "walking cane" arrangement
> with a slight reverse angle wedge on the tip.  'Grab' the trailing edge
> of the rudder with the reverse angle wedge and the 'walking cane' body
> laying on the top surface of the wing. The hook would contour around the
> leading edge of the winglet. This arrangement would help prevent the
> rudder from deflecting outward. The reverse angle wedge could be several
> inches high with a short 'reverse angle'.
> This could be used with any of the rudder configurations.
> ???
> Martin
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Hi Martin,

        You need enough stiction in the walking-cane hook so device
doesn't ride up the winglet and allow rudder movement, OR another hook
for over the wing and elastic between reverse angle and grappling hooks
     instead of the walking-cane, how about a 2-3 bid or a plastic
reverse angle wedge with tabs with hole at each end for a bungee cord,
padding around the bungee hooks ? Liter and easier to store?

        And hey, I only moved that rudder once, a half inch. Clack.
Really. I love that sound.  You gotta admit that little cork trim
adjustment is an attention getter.

Jeff Barnes, XL-RG N411JB