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Thanks Brian, Martin, et. al.

Group number on auto batteries refers to case size.  The Group 70 (GM) is
7.5" high and the base is 6.5" x 8", which happens to match the size of the
tray included with the kit.  I looked at one that was rated 630 CA (@ 32 F)
and 525 CCA.  A group 51 (I think used by Honda) is 8" high with base
dimensions of 4.75" x 9" and could also work fine if you want one a little
narrower.  The CA ratings of this group that I saw were lower by about 150.

Martin - thanks for early hour ruminations (see Webster, definition #2; has
nothing to do with chewing cud) on rudder cable connection.  Could be a
great idea.

Al Gietzen  RGE N755V