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My method for installing the wings and canard was different than the manual but worked very well for me.  I built the wings with winglets attached and the canard first and before installing the firewall. The fuselage is not symmetrical at the canard bulkhead position.  Measuring from the center of the nose (corrected to true center), to the corners, will always missalign the bulkhead.  The bulkhead should be set perpendicular to the centerline string.

The next step was attaching the wings to the center spar and jigging them for incidence and level above the lower half of the fuselage.  The fuselage was the carefully brought into alignment with the wings.  The firewall was then installed to both the wing assembly and fuselage.  When the firewall is aligned vertically it isn't absolutely flush with the center spar.  I filled the void with micro. 

The last step was to install the canard bushings.  The bushings were cured in place while bolted to the canard. the canard was carefully jigged for incidence and alignment with the main wing.

The result of this method is that I don't need washers anywhere.