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More on Batteries

Hi folks, your friendly pack-rat here,

I hope I don't make a habit of this because the cut & paste time is a
pain in the but then again, ya'all should be on canard-aviators mail
server anyway.
Here's some info on the Black Panther from canard-aviators, and again I
give thanks and attribution to canard-aviators and as we all fit that
category I hope I'm not overstepping bounds with cross-forum reprints.

Hey, (duh), maybe we should have a knowledge base somewhere like Travis
Young that brilliant guy had on his velocity/reflector/archives ??  
Would be a real help to newbees too so they can catch up quick.  I got
more stuff I scrounged from Travis' website when that was still
available & will send that on a posting "More on Batteries 2".

Jeff Barnes, XL-RG N411JB just a-emailin' MORE BELOW

1) 3/4/98 ERacerVinn <ERacerVinn@aol.com> wrote:
[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]
I have been inquiring about batteries for my E-Racer's electrical

Judging from other canard pushers and other E-Racers, I have estimated
that my appropriate battery location (for C.G.),  will be behind the
front-seat bulkhead.  (The E-Racer's front-seat is 10 inches aft of the
traditional Cozy and Long EZ location).  As there is a perfect, although
small, space for this on my 3-seat E-Racer, I canvassed the local
battery vendors for an appropriately sized, sealed battery.  

What I found seemed astounding, a company called Black Panther has a
line of R.G. batteries which they claim is the first "deep-cycle" 
battery with excellent starting capabilities.  Among all popular sizes,
they have a 12 pound motorcycle battery which they claim has 500 cold
cranking amps, and a personal watercraft battery, 13.23 lbs. @ 700
c.c.a.   As I have only a basic understanding of  batteries,  I assume
that they accomplish this with very low internal resistance, as the
ampere/hour ratings seem to be similar to other R.G. batteries of equal

I have two questions for you Canardians who know:

1.   Black Panther printed a table on each battery for an ampere/hour
rating for 20 hours down to a  hour drain time.   The watercraft
battery showed a rating of 18 A/H for a 20 hour drain period (a .9 amp
load) versus  12.2 A/H for a  hour drain period (an 24.4 amp load). 
Which time frame of reference is used for a typical Ampere/hour rating
on a typical battery? 

2.  It seems to this layperson that  high cold cranking amps combined
with a relatively lower A/H rating may spin the prop rapidly, but for a
shorter period of time.  For those of you that have "been there and done
that", what would be an adequate battery Ampere/hour rating for an
electric-start O-320? 

The starting-power to weight ratio of these batteries seems very
attractive, I just wonder how lightweight we can safely go and have the
needed reserve power. 

Thanks in advance,
Bruce Vinnola, in search of "current" information.

2) 3/5/98 JDestories <JDestories@aol.com> wrote:
[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]
We bought some Black panther batteries for our Tug-A-Lug at work. This
unit would destroy the largest Deep cycle batteries that we could find.
We were changing 2 batteries every 1.5 months, at a cost of @$100
dollars each. We replaced them with 2 black Panther batteries, So far
they have both lasted over 6 months. They cos @ $160 each, but we are
still saving money. They also have a 5 year warranty...I recommend them.
They are also about  the size of the same rated lead acid! 

3) 3/8/98  ERacerVinn <ERacerVinn@aol.com> wrote:
[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]
In a message dated 98-03-06 21:31:52 EST, you write:

<< Do you know at this time where to buy them? I won't have the info
monday. (From work...) If so post for those who are asking. I got mine
somewhere in Phoenix. >>

Your are the second person to ask this, so I tried to find this
information.    Their 4 page brochure had all sorts of info on the Black
Panther Batteries, but the most precise location for the manufacturer
was that the batteries are made in the US.   So I called the friendly
local battery vendor and asked it they had a number to call, so we
Canardians (Canardites, Canardoids, Canardists, Canardniks, Canardisans,
Canardovians, Canardocks, the Canardish),  can find the closest local
retailer for Black Panther Batteries.

Well, I talked to the courteous local sales person and he informed me
nicely that they were a chain of battery retailers and that they can
ship these batteries anywhere, UPS ( they want the business).  The
retail company is Hensley Battery,  the number is 800.211.8052.  

They also carry any battery for about anything.  (I had an old cell
phone that needed an uncommon  lead-acid battery, they had it in
Yours truly,
Bruce Vinnola