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Re: (a) no rudder landings, and, (b) which way is up?

>My plan now is to practice some flying with no rudders, and try to land
>without them.  Start with a lonely long field, we have several around
>here, and see how much space you need etc.  So, if the rudder cable ever
>does break, I'll be that much more prepared.
>Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms

Feel fee to share your experiences please Bob, I know I would like to know
how things react in advance of ever being in such a situation.

>I said the original hole was
>too far left (toward the pilots side); and Bill said that he shifted the
>hole to the right - to correct it.
>Well, at least I think so.  Maybe.
>Al Gietzen

Come on you guys, while the humour potential is appreciated, I'm worried
you are going to confuse some of us youngsters! (..and we are so easily

...It's a bit like the Northern convention of printing your hemisphere on
the top of all atlases...we know which way is up, up here in Australia!

Greg Poole (Rearing an infant STD RG Elite)