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Re: Aileron wts.

rdugas@bayou.com wrote:

> Dear Alan,
> Your instructions for Aileron construction with the torque tube does not
> describe how to weight the aparatus if one uses the full length tube to
> the fuselage bell crank without a splice fitting.  How? Please
> Should the surface of the ailerons be sanded down to carbon for bonding
> the hinges or just bonded to the zinc paint and riveted?  Are BSP 44
> rivets Stailes steel or do they react catalytically with the carbon as I
> have read aluminum will?
> Rene' Dugas,

The torque tube is right under the hinge and will not interfere with hanging
the aileron from the mounted hinges to test balance.

Sand most but not all of the primer off were the hinge is and bond.  On the
leading edge   (on top of the carbon) of our molded ailerons is a 17 oz.
fiberglass laminate the full length.  Cord wise this piece of "glass" goes
from aprox 1" behind the top corner down the face then around the L.E. of
the counter balance weight.  There is also another glass laminate inside
shielding the aluminum hard point from the carbon.  The rivets get insulated
by the resin mix that gets pushed into the holes when you bond and rivet
them on.

The book calls for this reinforcement to be just in the hard point area but
we found by running it full length it provides a shear web making the
ailerons much stiffer length wise.  You also have an additional laminate
full length on the wing aileron flange to prevent scalloping and another
over the torque tube hollow on top of the wing to prevent waviness.
I was down at Malcolms last night and your front windshield is installed
symmetrical unlike the factories line drawing and all the other XL's.  He
has also got an accurate way of centering (the lines are 1/2" off) and
cutting the doors so they fit which I'm sure he will inform you of.
It looks like Odd Jorgenson is going to use a TIO-540 Lyc. from an Aero Star
while he is waiting for his french Diesel.