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Rudder cables; Matco brakes

Alan wrote: 
>Also very critical in the prevention of pulling Nico Sleeves loose is the
>adjustment of the brakes relative to the rudders. <
Wouldn't a short strong spring between the rudder cable and its attachment to the peddle arm be a good idea? 
Alan also wrote: 
> With the the retrofit of the superior Matco brakes ...<
Which reminded me - - the Matco brakes may have better braking and longer wearing pads; but the quality control is poor, and I think the design leaves some things to be desired regarding heat transfer.  After tightening the mounting bolts, be sure that the caliper can still move freely.  On one of mine the weld for the guide sleeve hit the axle flange causing distortion of the torque plate and binding of the bolts the caliper slides on.  On the other, the hole for the axle in the torque plate wasn't chamfered properly, again causing distortion of the plate and binding of the caliper.  Either condition could cause the brakes to not release fully and overheat.  Couple that with a design that potentially does not adequately restrict heat transfer to the tire bead, and to the gear leg, and, well...; make sure those clipers can release, and be aware when doing your high speed taxi testing or just when you're taxiing around alot.
Al Gietzen