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Tempting Mother Nature

Not paying attention to basic concepts when dealing with airplanes will 
kill you.

It killed Mark & family, it killed Marlin and it is just a matter of 
time before another one of us will die because of arrogant, stupid and 
silly mistakes that attempt to defy Mother Nature.

Pre flight inspection has neen with us forever. How does a certified 
pilot use such poor judgmentas to to jump into a plane and take off with 
out a pre flight inspection thus endangering others on the ground or in 
the air?

I read posts that contain information about which I know nothing and I 
am in awe as to what others know & can discuss and I am in envy about 
how others are so knowledgeable, yet these same astute, intelligent 
people with intellect and the ability to communicate will bypass a 

I think about Marlin very frequently. He was a friend. To think that he 
did not spend the necessary time & effort to look into a situation that 
he knew may be a problem makes me frustrated, overwrought and confused.

The day of reckoning comes soon enough without us bringing it closer 
with stupid decisions.

It is good that we have this forum. It is good that someone, with a 
problem, can take that problem to us in the attempt to educate and 
learn. It would be even better if we all paid attention to what we are 
doing so that fate will not be tempted.  

Ivo -  Mt-  Performance  -  doesn't mean a thing.

Lycoming, Franklin, Suburu   so what.

1/16 -- 1/8---3/32   who cares

Stray from basics, be careless, think nothing will ever happen to you 
and you will die.

I am angry.

Milton Mersky