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Re: Canard Alignment

  The straps are made from 3/16" 6061- T6. I can't find my notes right off
so I'll try to reconstruct what I did. I'm a bit shy about going into such
detail on a flight critical area since I'm not an engineer. I did static
calculations and I'm satisfied with the results for my own use. If anyone
wants to do this please verify for yourself. If your bushings sit lower than
mine I don't think you'd need to bother with all this.
  I used two AN5 bolts spaced 1-7/16" OC, 2" diagonally down from the canard
tab bolt. This actually puts them down toward the bottom of the doubler, not
the center as I said before. I made a pattern from 3/8" steel, drilled with
1/8" pilot holes. These were used to drill through the bulkhead and the
strap blanks, then the pattern's lower holes were opened out to 7/16". The
straps are rounded triangular top with a rectangular bottom section around
the lower bolt hole area. There's about .60 inches of material around the
upper hole. 3-3/8" high X 2-5/8 wide overall. The tab bolt remains 3/8" and
is used as a locator and the lower holes are 5/16". The pattern was then
used to drill through the bulkhead and spacers so that everything remains
perpendicular. I used phenolic blocks microglassed to the bulkhead pads to
space the forward strap for canard tab clearance. 5/16" ID 7/16 OD bushing
stock from A/S is microglassed in place extending through the bulkhead and
the spacers. The canard and both straps were in place and torqued at the
time to ensure everything is aligned. The AN5 bolts run through the bushing
to secure the straps. I put a lot of effort into getting a close fit between
the canard tab, the Velocity canard bushing, and the strap so that there
would be little bending of the strap when the canard attach bolt was
tightened. The straps can be removed but the canard tabs will slip into
place with very littIe difficulty. I think that's all  -Bill
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Subject: Re: Canard Alignment

>>   My canard tabs were short enough that the bushings ended up 3/8" from
>> top of the bulkhead. Didn't seem like enough depth (plywood) to withstand
>> 12g's, at least from what I could calculate. Scott said Wim Huisman made
>> straps that brought the loads lower into the bulkhead. I made some that
>> the canard tabs into double shear and brought the attach points down to
>Excellent idea.  What are your straps made of?  Fiberglass?
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