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Re: Canard Alignment

Brian K. Michalk wrote:
> This message is being sent from root so I can find
> a bouncing email address.  I've also got something I
> want to talk about.
> I've been mounting my canard, and I've got some
> questions on alignment.
> First, I've found that I need four washers on the
> pilot side lift tab to get the canard aligned with
> the main spar.
> I remember the fuselage is not exactly symmetrical,
> and that one should locate the firewall and canard bulkhead
> perpendicular to the centerline rather than measuring
> to the nose reference hole.  I found out about that
> after I located my bulkheads.
> Anyway, what is the limit with respect to washers?
> should I accept some misalignment and use fewer washers?
> The wing is aligned +-1mm with respect to the nose
> reference point.
> I have a standard elite fixed gear.
I to discovered the need for 4 washers, after lining up the canard 
equidistant to the strake. (The canard bulkhead was lined up to the
nose.) I just put milled fibers around the washer, tapering to the
forward side of the bulhead. Covered both forward sides with 1 fine BID. 
The fuseloge is banana shaped and also requires that you center the keel 
with respect to the sides of the fuseloge not the center of the

As for the concern about ripping the bushing in turbulence, I believe
the tapered fibers are going to be just as strong. Also I remember
reading on the reflector concering prop bolts. You want the bolt to 
be in tension, not shear.

Carl Hoffman