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Re: Canard Alignment

I actually had a machinist make me a small bushing so I didn't have to 
use many washers or make something out of triax.  It is made from a solid 
piece of aluminum, same diameter and hole as the wide washers used at the 

What is really interesting to me is the fact that we all have this "gap." 
  When I first discovered it, I was really upset with myself for being so 
sloppy.  Then I saw David Jackson's plane, which was about the 12th one 
built, and he had the same gap. Later, I found out about the mold being 
made this way, and no mention of it in the construction manual.

So, is there mention of this in the manual now? I haven't seen the new 
Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms