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More manual on-line

I am placing the latest finished chapters on-line tonight at 11pm at:


To answer a few questions:

1. Chapters 1-8 are completed and have been posted previously on Velocity's website.  They are no longer there.
2. Velocity to the best of my knowledge has no intention of re-publishing these files.
3. Chapters 18-22 are completed and being made available to you now.
4. There are no XL manuals yet, although chapters 19-22 Elite are good for the XL.
5. Chapters 18-22 are being placed on my personal website.
6. The new chapters will be there for about a week.
7. Chapters 15-17 are being sent to Velocity for final verification and should be available in a few weeks.
8. The remaining chapters (9-14) are coming soon, but 9 and 14 will be the last ones completed due to their complexity.
9. Don't even think about complaining to the factory or they are likely to prohibit me for publishing what I have.