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Re: Canard Alignment

> as well to compensate for the angle. Scott very kindly made me an overlength
> bushing for the pilot side that went all the way through. I would not use

If I would have thought about it at the time I would have left the bushing
snug against the tab.

>   My canard tabs were short enough that the bushings ended up 3/8" from the
> top of the bulkhead. Didn't seem like enough depth (plywood) to withstand
> 12g's, at least from what I could calculate. Scott said Wim Huisman made
> straps that brought the loads lower into the bulkhead. I made some that put
> the canard tabs into double shear and brought the attach points down to the

Excellent idea.  What are your straps made of?  Fiberglass?

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