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strange allergy / window frames

My carpenter / carver  is allergic to wood!  At least the wood I'm using in
my plane.  It is Santos rosewood, and the carpenter is about 65 and from
Brazil.  I believe that Santos is somewhere in Brazil. I've heard of this
before because of the oil in rosewood.  Unfortunately, this occurred while
building the rear window frames, a massive pain in the butt (I think it is
close to impossible).  I don't have the level of skill to carve the frames
within a reasonable time period or to my satisfaction.  How would other
builders go about making good-looking upholstered window frames.  I have
EAR sound deadening and headliner installed and I refuse to tear it down. 
It's really a shame because I have the panel, stick and handles done.  I
wanted the frames too.  There must be some Murphy's law for this situation.
 I am so close to done, making this a real kick in the teeth.

Andy Judge
N55AJ  DMO # 413