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SNF 98

Well! We made it through another Sun N Fun.

Overall attenedance for this year was down in my opinion. Some Chanber of
Commerce guys got together and scheduled three major airshows in Florida
this last week plus the weather wasn't that great for those who wanted to
fly down.

The Velocity tent was well populated by builders and dreamers alike. The
introduction of the Fast build option raised quite a few eyebrows. I am
confident that it was a great selling point. The next few weeks will be
the judge of that.

Duane, Scott, and I  did several hour long forums between the three of
us.  I found out on the first day of the show that a mentor of mine
'retired' due to health, so I did his two scheduled forums on Electrical
systems design. I also have scheduled every year two one hour forums on
Avionics / Electrical Installations. Duane and Scott lecture on aspects
of the Velocity and Duane sat in on a panel discussion regarding the
experimental market in general.

I was suppose to be at the factory Tues., Wed., and Thurs. of last week.
Since one of my mentors' forums was scheduled for Wed., I slipped over to
Lakeland that day to help out in the tent plus do the forum. (I have in
the past, and am still willing to travel 4 - 5 hours to work 8. I
know...I am plain (Sp?) crazy!)

Tues. was a very interesting day at work. About 8:30 AM I went to get my
mid morning coke out of the machine and I noticed it had been 'forced'
open. To make a long story short, we had an inside job (or so it appears)
done. Tues. was spent with the police, locksmith, and checking inventory.
A small amount of cash and a car stereo was all that was taken. An
obvious 'crack money' job. Ralph Robertson's new (completed) instrument
panel was sitting on the bench right next to the car stereo that was in
its box from the store...they tok the stereo, didn't touch at thing in
the radio shop avionics or instrument related. Go figure. Fortunately,
again, just a small amout of cash and the stereo. For the most part,
didn't get a lot done Tues.

Thur. was like what I expect today and the next few days to be
like...Ring!...Ring!....Ring!...."Can I get a demo?" Can I get some
information?", "Can you send me this?", "Can you send me that?" "What
radios do your recommend?", "What radios do you sell?". Oh, well...thats
what were there for!

All in all, it was a good show. Being a glutton for punishment, I can
hardly wait for next year!

Safe and Speedy Construction!


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