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Re: Strikefinders

> future holds another option.  At Oshkosh last year, NavRadio Corporation had a
> booth distributing information on a Digital Datalink Radio.  This is a digital
> radio that will act as a Com but will also be able to recieve weather data
> from ground-based antennas to be displayed in the cockpit as if you were
> watching your local weather channel.  The antennas were not yet fielded, but

There is another option.  Trimble makes a cellular phone approved
for aviation use.  I'll bet they have the cellular protocol for
modem over cellular.  At this time they only have about 100 (I think)
towers installed, but I seem to remember reading a month or so
ago that the FCC approved expansion of their system.  Basically
you would dial up an internet connection and could receive
any of the cool weather info from there.

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