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Re: Strikefinders

I don't know how well anyone has done installing a strikefinder, but the
future holds another option.  At Oshkosh last year, NavRadio Corporation had a
booth distributing information on a Digital Datalink Radio.  This is a digital
radio that will act as a Com but will also be able to recieve weather data
from ground-based antennas to be displayed in the cockpit as if you were
watching your local weather channel.  The antennas were not yet fielded, but
the company told me optimistically that they might be ready by Summer 98 (this
was six months ago when they told me this).  They also mentioned that the
price was only going to be about $2500--a bargain compared to a strikefinder
and perhaps more accurate.  I believe this type of ground based system is the
future not only for weather but many other ground based services as well
(collision avoidance? someday could feed ATC radar picture to every
aircraft...etc).  Anyway, its worth looking into before you shell out the cash
and trouble of a strikefinder.  Their number is (612)970-0239.  Let us know if
you call and get an update.  Good luck!

Shawn Penning
N171SP FG Standard
to fly by Oshkosh