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Re: winglet lower extensions?

Schweitzer, Bill wrote:

> Alan,
> Here's something that has been in the back of my mind and your informative
> message today gives a perfect opportunity to ask it.
> I notice that your prebuilt wings do not have the lower extension, I admit I
> haven't dived into the specific plans yet to see if I have to build them.
> Do you do that because the toe-in is correct and you don't need extensions?
> I built an s-curved gusset out of 3/8" foam for the rudder cable as it
> leaves the fuselage and heads through mid-air into the gear bulkhead.  I cut
> a few circles in it to save an ounce.  A 3/16" groove on the top holds the
> nylaflow and a little micro.  One layer of bid over the top holds everything
> solid.
> What's the reflective material, the foam or the paint?
> Bill Schweitzer,

We build wings without winglet bottoms because:1  the airplane is faster
2  it looks better and the Swings want it that way
3  with proper toe in and contour it is stable
4  frankly it is easier to mold that way
5  we can embed the rudder horns
6  the only set we ever delivered with external rudder horns and winglet bottoms
the customer later requested instructions on how too retrofit but his rudder
cables were already buried in the wrong position for embedded horns.

Sounds like you did good by not hanging your rudder conduit through the fuselage
like a set of Xmas tree lights.
The reflective material is the heavy metal Zinc as in the U.S. Paints 545 white
primer in the form of Zinc Oxide.  Don't try to sand it off your fuselage,
strakes or molded wings because the structure will be severely compromised by
the time it is sufficiently removed to reduce your radar signature.   If your
electrical system fails you won't surprize anybody.  Also Zinc Oxide is a very
effective UV block.

Me again...should have put it all in one e-mail!