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First flight and weights

I had my first flight in my 173RGE w/Franklin IVO on April 20th.  It 
took a little over 3 years and 3000 hours to complete.  Even at Denver's 
altitude the climb was impressive.  My field is 800 feet under DIA's 
class B airspace, and required pulling way back on the throttle to 
arrest the climb.  I have not had any problems with the engine temps or 
prop, and the airplane flies great.  My only problem is that the field I 
am using is not in good shape and the rocks are making my new prop look 
old in a hurry.  I have found that taxiing with the speed brake down 
does help some.
Does anyone have experience with the material advertised in Spruce for 
prop leading edges?
BTW my empty weight was:
Left main  = 733#s
Right main = 732#s
Nose       = 69#s
Total      = 1534#s

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