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winglet lower extensions?

Here's something that has been in the back of my mind and your informative
message today gives a perfect opportunity to ask it.

I notice that your prebuilt wings do not have the lower extension, I admit I
haven't dived into the specific plans yet to see if I have to build them.
Do you do that because the toe-in is correct and you don't need extensions?

I built an s-curved gusset out of 3/8" foam for the rudder cable as it
leaves the fuselage and heads through mid-air into the gear bulkhead.  I cut
a few circles in it to save an ounce.  A 3/16" groove on the top holds the
nylaflow and a little micro.  One layer of bid over the top holds everything

What's the reflective material, the foam or the paint?

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca
> When the winglet has sufficient toe in and good air flow then extending
> the
> rudder higher or lower is not necessary for good low speed control.  On
> the
> other hand Velocities that display poor low speed handling characteristics
> due
> to slightly bumpy or out of rig wings and out of rig winglets may need and
> benefit from winglet bottoms and extended rudders.
> In this case firmly supporting the rudder
> conduit (especially in the back of the fuselage) minimalizes cable
> stretch,
> that is actually the conduit bending, helps a lot until you pull a nico
> loose
> that was over or under crimped.
> Did you know that all Velocity large components
> are made with high radar reflective material built in.  It is ironic also
> that
> years ago the company stayed financially afloat by building 200  8'x 30"
> radar
> dishes that line the Texas and Florida border!