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Re: Velocity New builder.

Carl Hoffman wrote:

> DAlexan424 wrote:
> > By the way, the Velocity out at West has full length rudders. A nice
> > modification if you haven't done so yet. Gives more authority al landing
> > speeds.
> Jean Prudhomme (saw him at Sun'N'Fun) recently cut off the lower
> winglets on his XL300. He's going to be putting them back on. Lost some
> rudder authority.

Friends,    In flight testing of different iterations of winglet/rudder set
ups over the years I have identified several variables that control rudder
effectiveness.  The greatest of which is the toe in and contour of the winglet
itself.  This also effects the whole aircraft's aerodynamic center.
Decreasing toe in not only makes yawl and roll control difficult at low speeds
but indirectly makes for a slightly aft CG plane.
When the winglet has sufficient toe in and good air flow then extending the
rudder higher or lower is not necessary for good low speed control.  On the
other hand Velocities that display poor low speed handling characteristics due
to slightly bumpy or out of rig wings and out of rig winglets may need and
benefit from winglet bottoms and extended rudders.
Adding size especially cord to the rudder may make deflection at high speeds
impossible because of the leverage.  In this case firmly supporting the rudder
conduit (especially in the back of the fuselage) minimalizes cable stretch,
that is actually the conduit bending, helps a lot until you pull a nico loose
that was over or under crimped.

Also the Velocity is very forgiving to bumpy wings at low gross weights but
when heavy requires a lot of power, speed and runway unless the wings are
true.  I know this is obvious but it's shocking to experience the contrast
first hand.

Want more fuel?  Move the bulkheads inboard but not aft. Then never leave your
airplane full of fuel because it may sag the gear legs and you don't have to
worry about condensation in composite sandwich insulated tanks.  Just thought
I'd repeat that one for some of the newbe's.   Oh yes, don't forget the relief
tube or you could get a kidney infection by stretching your "tank".
Why do you need more range?  Did you know that all Velocity large components
are made with high radar reflective material built in.  It is ironic also that
years ago the company stayed financially afloat by building 200  8'x 30" radar
dishes that line the Texas and Florida border!

Sun N' Fun was great too bad the weather blocked so many people from flying

Alan Shaw