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Re: Exhaust stack

In a message dated 98-04-23 00:47:29 EDT, Pete wrote:

<<  It
 developed slightly less horsepower through the rev range until 2700,
 when it equaled the straight pipes.   >>

I have a friend that bought a engine from Ly-Con, and the people have been
VERY good with him, and I think you make a good choice.  Thanks for the info
about the 4 into 1 pipes.  I have been running them for over 3 years now, and
yes, they were easier to install and less chance for the pipe to hit a cowl if
the engine droops later.  I have been very happy with them and would recomend
them.  HOWEVER the less horsepower until 2700 is interesting.  I/We need to
get all the horsepower ( reliably ) possable for take-off.  With the fixed
pitch prop, we will never see 2700 at take-off.  This could be something to
look into regarding the 4 into 1 pipes.  I really would rather lose a little
at the top end if need be, and have the most possable in the 2400 range for

Question Pete, did Steve think that the Velocity duel pipes probably being
much shorter than his test stand straight pipes would still provide the same
results?  Or maybe it could be the results from the tractor prop blast hitting
that big 3" exhaust pipe causing back pressure.  Thanks.

Regarding the "Pot Smuggling Velocity driver"  To bad the Velocity had to be
lost too.  Their are alway innocent casualties.

Drug and Gang Prevention of Signal Hill, Ca.